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Polymer materials of the Acremon series


Vadim Golovkin, Chief Technologist ofOrgpolymersynthesys

Vadim Golovkin, Chief Technologist of Orgpolymersynthesys

Reagents of the Acremon series are water-based polymer systems on the basis of polycarboxilic acids, their ethers, and salts. Acremon series reagents are polymer complex-forming compounds and water hardness redusers. They can be used as substitutes for dispersing and solubilizing agents with a colloidal protection effect.

Technical data


Production of synthetic detergents
Acremon is an efficient substitute of
sodium tripolyphosphate (allows to decrease the amount of sodium tripolyphosphate or exclude it from the formula entirely). Substitution is done in the ratio 1 part of Acremon replacing 5 to 10 parts of sodium tripolyphosphate. It also improves grain-size distribution and flowability of powder detergents.

Polymeric materials of Acremon series replaces
EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetate sodium) and NTA (nitriltriatsetat).

It improves the washing capacity of the product and allows creating compounds that can be used for washing in hard water. It decreases the encrustation of fabrics and prevents sedimentation of scale on heating elements of washing machines.

The effect of Acremon arises from its prevention to interaction of hardness salts with soap and other anionic-active surfactants. Thus, surfacants are not consumed to form calcium soaps, but remain in the solution and participate in the washing process.

Besides, Acremon produces the strongest dissolving effect towards calcium and magnesium salts that prevents their agglomeration and, consequently, sedimentation on fabrics and parts of washing machines. Thus, fabrics can endure the larger number of washing cycles without loosing their qualities, and the washing machine serves longer.

Acremon is used in low-sulphate powders in concentrations of 1.0–3.0 %, thus replacing from 30% to 80% of sodium tripolyphosphate in the powder recipe. In combination with other complex-forming and ion-exchanging agents, i.e. zeolites and trilons, Acremon can produce entirely phosphate-free detergents with high washing capacities. Acremon finds a high demand at Henkel Concern, Aist (St.-Petersburg), Soda (Sterlitamak) and other industries.

Acremon is used for production of both - expensive, and very cheap detergents - due to its extremely high economic efficiency.

Production of household chemical products
Acremon preparation is widely used in manufacturing
of household chemicals, dish-washing agents, multi-purpose washing liquids, and detergents.
Acremon-containing products are manufactured at such companies as Aist (St.-Petersburg), Severnaya (St.-Petersburg), Kveta (Kaluga), and many others.
The use of Acremon makes it possible to produce transparent washing liquids very attractive to the buyer, and possessing high washing ability.
Acremon addition norm is 1,0 – 2,0 % .

Production of soap and cosmetics:

In soap and cosmetics industries, Acremon can be used in the following cases:

Hard and liquid soap of any category.
Acremon is used as an agent reducing water hardness and increasing the soap washing ability.
Norms for adding into liquid soap: 1,0 – 3,0 % .
Norms for adding into hard soap: 1,5 – 3,0 %.

Acremon-Antiox contains a set of active compounds - polymers, preservatives, antioxidants, chelating agents. Used as a preservative, a stabilizer and plasticizer of all kinds of solid soap. Replaces Antal P-2 in a 1:1 ratio.

Washing liquids for body and hair, shampoos, bath foams, shower gels.
If added to these liquids, Acremon allows to obtain a more stable foam, to increase the efficience of surfactants, and to prevent the repeated sedimentation of dirt.
Acremon addition norm: 1,0 – 2,0 % .

Skin-care products (creams, moistening masks and other heterogeneous systems).
In skin-care products, Acremon increases the stability of both dispersing agents containing some hard phase, and of ‘oil-in-water’ emulsions.
Acremon addition norm: 0,8 – 2,5 % .

Hair-care products, moistening gels, crèmes.
Acremon is used as a regulator of viscosity and of rheological properties.
Acremon addition norm: 0,8 – 2,5 % .

Water treatment techniques
Acremon-PUL used as a water-treatment agent for individual and industrial closed-cycle water supply systems. It allows to reduce the operating costs related with clearing of pipes, pumps and tanks, thus increasing their durability.
Acremon-PUL contributes to release water from the coarse and colloidal impurities and hardness salts, thus preventing the sedimentation of scum, ablation of salts by steam, corrosion of metals, contamination of surfaces of pipelines and tanks.

Joint application of Acremon and Polydon
Joint application of Acremon and other product of Orgpolimersinthesis plant - Polydon increases washing properties of detergent and increases viscosity of liquid products. At joint application of Acremon and Polydon it is necessary to observe a principle of separate introduction of these products in the detergent.

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