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Medical Product for Animals - Monclavit-1


Alexey Novikov, Chief of the Marketing Department for veterinary preparations and agro-chemistry, Orgpolymersynthesys company web site

Alexey Novikov, Chief of the Marketing Department for veterinary preparations and agro-chemistry

Monclavit - 1 is a highly efficient iodine-polymer medical product for animals, a water solution of a iodine-based polymer complex in the form of a poly-N-vinylamidcyclosulfoiodid. The preparation refers to the last generation of medication where iodine is the main operating agent.

See the site devoted to Monclavit-1 - WWW.MONCLAVIT.RU

1. Monclavit-1 as a medical product is intended for:

  • Efficient treatment and prophylactics of infectious diseases of animals. The preparation possesses antibacterial, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory and regeneration properties;
  • Prophylactics and treatment of iodine-deficit diseases of animals. Increases their immunity, and stimulates growth.

2. Monclavit-1 as a disinfectant is used for:

  • Air cleaning in the presence of animals;
  • Disinfection of breeding premises, hatchers and settlers, hatchable eggs;
  • Improvement of milking hygiene.

3. Monclavit-1 allows to decrease expenses and to raise the production efficiency by:
Reducing the quantities of antibiotics;the toxicity of feeds;survival rate, gain of weight and the number of young poultry species;the finished products outcome.

4. The use Monclavit-1 allows to
improve the quality of live stock production by main indicators, and to obtain iodine-enriched products.

General Data:

Monclavit is veterinary antiseptic containing iodine as a part of a complex polymer compound in water solution. When included in a high-polymer molecule, iodine loses its toxic and irritating properties, but totally retires and even strengthens its activity as a micro-element and antiseptic.

Being the first and the only iodine-highpolymeric compound in Russia, Monclavit-1 demonstrates its conspicuous bactericidal, fungicidal and anti-virus properties, and produces desensitizing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. Its polymeric basis provides a general prolongation of its action, and serves as an antidotee and a sorbent for poisons, toxic substances and tissue and microbe decay products; and at drying forms the treated surface a semi-permeable microscopic hydrophilic film.

The preparation does not contain spirits, and it is not irritating, not burning, not toxic, not allergic, not morphogenic, not immune-depressive, and not cancerogenic.

Monclavit-1 has a wide spectrum anti-microbe, fungicidal, anti-virus and effects, and acts as a killer on such causative microorganisms as:
Escherichia, Proteus, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Candida, Malassezia, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium, Microsporum, Trichophyton, Mikoplazma, etc.

In 2009 extensive tests of Monclavit-1 efficiency against the flu
virus A, subtype H5N1, had been carried out on the basis of the Virologic centre of the Research Institute at the Ministry of Defense of Russia, subsidiary 48. The results revealed the following: Monclavit-1, even if diluted 20 times, within one hour completely stops the cytopathic activity of the ‘chicken flu’ virus, which makes it possible to recommend using it in the system of counter-epizootic activities in the case of a threat of flu epidemics in industrial and farming poultry-breeding enterprises.

Bottles of Monclavit-1, Orgpolymersynthesys company web site

The medical effect appears very quickly, normally within 15 – 30 seconds. The preparation includes a polymer which as a strongest antidote and an adsorbent of toxic products of microbe and tissue decay produces the at poisoning and chronic diseases of the digestive tract (atony of proventriculi, gastroenteritis, dyspepsia, etc.).

This is the only iodine-containing drug that can be ingested by animals at gastric distresses. In such cases, iodine from the preparation easily soaks in by gastric mucous membranes replenishing the concentration of this element in the organism and stimulating the general metabolism via the thyroid gland.

Monclavit is used as a therapy or a prophylactic medicine for animals and birds.

General Recommendations for Clinical Use:

  • Traumas of skin and mucous membranes, i.e. aseptic wounds, concussions, abscesses, skin burns and freezing;
  • Mastopathy; diseases of reproductive systems and gastrointestinal system, including mastitis,
  • endometritis, and dyspepsia;
  • Treatment of surgery rooms and surgeon’s hands;
  • Disinfection of hatchable eggs and caviar, setters and hatchers;
  • Aerosol treatment of air in premises for animals and birds.

Monclavit is also used against bird diseases caused by bacteria, such as salmonellas, and is given to birds as a drink in order to increase iodine concentrations in eggs.

Enrichment with iodine the products of farming industries (chicken eggs and meat, cow milk) using Monclavit-1 is an innovative way to solve the problem of iodine deficiency in the human ration.
The important advantage of the proposed method is the liquidation of iodine deficiency of in the animal feeds, and, as a consequence – the increase of the agricultural efficiency.

Product Approbation:

Examination of Monclavit-1 properties were carried out at the departments of St.-Petersburg Public Academy of Veterinary Medicine: veterinary hygiene and sanitary, clinical diagnostics, pathological physiology, biochemistry, pathological anatomy, laboratory of problems of veterinary genetics; in the department of biochemistry and laboratory diagnostics of St.-Petersburg Military Academy; in the clinical/diagnostics laboratory of the mycological clinic at St.-Petersburg Medical Institute; in St.-Petersburg Veterinary Laboratory; in the Bacteriological Laboratory of the Russian Research Institute for Hematology and Trans-physiology in St.-Petersburg, and at Institute of Physiology named after I.P.Pavlov.

Field tests and checking of techniques for application of Monclavit-1 were carried out at dairy farms SPK Shushary, Joint-Stock Company Detskoselsky, Joint-Stock Company PZ Rabititsy, Joint-Stock Company PZ Barybino, OOO Malodory, Joint-Stock Company PZ Constantinovo, Open Share-Holding Company Rassvet, and Sports Complex Holmogorsky; in pig breeding complexes OAO Russian-Belgian Society and in OOO Novgorod Bacon; also on the basis of stables OAO PC Baltica and the horse club VEAL; at integrated poultry farms OOO Russian-Vysotsky Poultry Farm, Joint-Stock Company the Lagolovo Integrated Poultry Farm, OOO Tyumen Broiler and OAO the Siberian Poultry Farm; in dumpling, packing and meat shops of semi-finished products OOO Darya, and also by private practicing veterinary doctors in Russia and the CIS countries.

The medicine is distributed on the whole territory of Russian Federation and Belarus for more than 5 years.


Video of the exhibition "AgroRuss-2010" with a information about Orgpolymersynthesys production devoted to agriculture (in Russian language).

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